Wrong Place, Right Time


COMEDY:  Kate Covington has been in love forever with Brain Schaffer, yet has never told him how she truly felt. She is finally building the courage to tell him when he drops a bomb of his own - he is eloping to Vegas that weekend! Kate decides to stop the wedding however, when she appears before Elvis at the Chapel of Love it is the wrong groom. Chad Leida must marry before his 30th birthday to inherit a large sum of money. If Kate agrees to marry him and act the part for one year, she'll be rewarded handsomely. She can't undo Brian's marriage now and sees this as a new start even if it means without Brian after all. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love with Chad and have her heart torn between two men.

 The story starts out with a very common type of dilemma that quickly becomes an entertaining, roller coaster of a romance! Kate is a heart-rending character that many a reader can relate to, with a vibe somewhat similar to Bridget Jones. Chad is not as debonair as other characters that have been on the page before him, yet he does have many redeeming qualities that make him a good hero nonetheless. There is a moment or two that seems to have Kate and Chad moving too fast in their path to true love, and her relationship with Brian lacking some convincing heartbreak, but in general this is a lovely example of an easy-to-read romance that readers will devour and enjoy.

Margaret Faria