Wrestlin' Christmas


After an injury ends his rodeo career Cort McGraw has turned into someone his parents and sister don't know and he himself can't stand. Drowning his sorrows in alcohol leads to his family staging an intervention.  This lands him on a run-down ranch with a beautiful widow and her silent son who need his help. Determined to help K.C. Peters, Cort must face himself and decide which path he intends to follow. But can he convince K.C. that she can trust him, when life has taught her otherwise?


A sweet contemporary cowboy romance, “Wrestlin’ Christmas” is the second in the “Rodeo Romance” series. Cort is handsome and reliable when K.C. needs him, while K.C. and her son give Cort a reason to live. Neither character is perfect, but they complement one another and the romantic tension sings across the pages. Although the story is a bit slow and lacks any major conflict or twists, the romance develops over the chapters gradually to the point where the reader could see it happen in real life and Cort is the kind of guy that would make any female take a second look. Overall, a sweet read for any cowboy fan!


Sarah E. Bradley