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HUMOR: Ella’s perfect moment was taken from her on her wedding day, when she caught her husband-to-be kissing another woman moments before the ceremony. Determined to never be hurt that badly again, she builds a wall around her heart.

Sabrina Tavonesi never expected to make it big. She starred in her friend’s indie movie as a favor, and it has rocketed her into Hollywood stardom. But fame comes with strings: relentless paparazzi and a lunatic who attacks her, leaving her with a wounded shoulder. The acting itself is far from easy - falling into her role has left her with nightmares she can’t run away from.

Lena Benton has always dreamt of finding her one true love and living Happily Ever After, but life hasn’t been kind to her. Her perfect-looking husband started abusing her soon after the wedding. It took her some time to leave, but she managed it - and ran straight into Jackson Beaumont’s bar. 

Bigger Things

Best friends for years, Jen, Chelsea, and Kyra have moved through life with some serious burdens, each unaware of what the others hide. There have been a few hiccups along the years, though none of them looked too deeply; except with Jen.

Finding Salvation (The Finding Series #1)
Elizabeth Hayes
Ashlee Taylor

At 13, coming out the foster system with parents willing to adopt both of them, Madison and Charlotte, and new brother Donovan, form friendships stronger than blood. At least, that’s what Charlotte has always believed.