Wrapped Up with You (Pacific Vista Ranch Book #4)


NOVELLA: Competitors since their introduction, Rafael Cruz, a conceded player, and Phoebe Hollingsworth, a sassy woman from the South, are forced to play nice with one another when their soon-to-be retiring boss asks them to work together to convince some well-respected clients to sign with the firm at the annual Christmas event, the Jingle Ball. The two rivals, expecting to clash heads, end up taking a rapid turn in their professional, and personal relationship, a Christmas miracle so to say. With a new-found attraction igniting between Rafe and Phoebe, unexpected challenges are lurking before their possible futures. Both career-obsessed characters will have to decide whether to stay professional and suppress their cravings for one another, or to risk it all for love.

Ms. Marti’s exquisite details in this one-sitting page-turner will have the reader melting into their seat in anticipation of the next chapter. Rafe and Phoebe’s rivalry is so full of sexual tension that one will crave the details of the small glances or body brushes from the couple. When the tension begins to release from suppression, the reader is soaked in the passion of the author’s words. Marti eventually starts the relationship off as steamy, the couple’s sexual connection oozing with chemistry, but, since the novel isn’t lengthy, the author only begins to cultivate the deeper connection between the two lovers, giving the reader only a miniscule taste of their possible full-depth, passionate love connection. All matter aside, this novel monopolizes one’s attention and eggs on the anticipation for more astounding stories from Claire Marti.

Austen Grace