Wounded Love (A Rocky Harbor Novel Book 3)


Ellie Fairfield has been raising her son as a single mom for nearly a decade.  She’s convinced the circumstances of her once shattered heart are far behind her — that  is, until Colton Riley crosses her path and shakes everything up.  Colton has only been back from the war for a handful of years and is still dealing with the scars that run deeper than recent battlefield traumas.  As they are both forced to face past misunderstandings they will have to accept the hardest fact of all: they never stopped loving each other.  Despite the constant unfair circumstances life seems to deal them, they struggle to fight for their love and form new family bonds. 

Ms. Rice takes up the reigns of a well-worn contemporary plot, and gives us a beautiful page-turning tale with new twists!  Romance and character developments unfold in both a sensitive and unique manner.  Clearly defined conflicts seamlessly draw the reader in, leaving one feverishly turning pages hoping for that happy ending.  This reads wonderfully as a stand-alone yet also keeps with the quaint ‘down-home’ world building of family oriented characters and a small-town setting from her other books in the series.

It’s a little slow to start getting the reader to a place where they care about the characters.  This takes a few chapters, but stick it out, because once it starts rolling, readers hearts will be grabbed and squeezed tighter and tighter with each passing chapter.  Grab your tissue box, readers - you’ll need it for this one!  

 MB Rose