This Would Have Been Our Song! Catchy Tunes and Dancers' Tales (A Coulda Woulda Shoulda Song #2)

Ngontang Mba

Lucia is one of three sisters who are very tightly knit.  Nooradine (or Noor), the middle sister, is giving birth four weeks early to her third child and on Lucia’s birthday. The sisters all have men in their lives and are busy professionals in music and dancing, mostly based in London.  As soon as Noor gives birth, she is on the road doing a show and leaves the child with Lucia and her fiancé Greg. Lucia is a great mother figure to her niece and takes her new role in stride. Marcus is Lucia’s ex-boyfriend who comes back into her life about the time she decides to leave Greg. They take their new relationship slow although Marcus has been in love with Lucia since they were young. Who can love Lucia to fill her needs and her heart in this love triangle? 


This is the second book in a series and does not stand alone. Reading book one may assist readers with following character development and the history of events that leads to “This Would Have Been Our Song”. There is a book three wherein hopefully the saga is finalized. This installment lacks a good drama and primarily follows a woman who is in love with two men but cannot decide who can or will make her happy. The characters each have multiple names that they go by and at times it is difficult to keep straight. There were quite a few editing errors, also. However, readers will appreciate the footnotes and translations on the page where the foreign text appears. Overall, the story has promise and with a bit of work could be a keeper.

Julie Caicco