Worth the Wait (A McKinney/Walker Novel Book 1)


Losing your parents when you are not quite 20 years old is tough - raising your siblings while still being a teenager yourself is even tougher. Nick Walker steps up and becomes a parent to his brothers and sister at a young age, and he takes his responsibility very seriously. When he meets Mia shortly after his parents' death it doesn’t stop him from falling in love with the woman of his dreams.  But even being totally in love with one another and being together for years doesn’t stop the destruction of their relationship when tragic events happen. 

Nick and Mia find one another again ten years later and realize that they have never stopped loving one another. But is it enough? Will they be able to sort through all the past hurts, regrets and forgive one another? Will they be able to survive the secrets that are now being held, once they come out of hiding?

Ms. Connor is a master of writing gut-wrenching emotion. “Worth the Wait" is a spinoff from the McKinney series, and it might be in one’s best interest to read Nick’s sister Hannah's story (“Worth the Risk”) in order to understand the tragedy that is a major plot point to Nick and Mia's story. This one is an emotional roller coaster ride; however, the guilt that Nick feels in regards to the tragedy that befalls his family is a bit on the monotonous side. One shouldn’t let that stop them from reading this amazing love story! If emotionally intense stories are a favorite, then this second chance, forever love tale will grab the reader by the heart!

Lynne Bryant