Working It Out


Grace Warren lives a safe and predictable life, balancing her job as a physical therapist with trying to reawaken the life in her paraplegic brother after an accident ten years before. Seth Tuttle lives on the edge doing every extreme sport under the sun. When they first meet at a charity bachelor auction the encounter and its results leave both frustrated and discontented. The last thing they expect is to meet again, but when Seth injures his knee while heli-skiing it’s Grace who will help him recover. Neither of them expected the other, but they find that they can help each other and maybe even take a chance on love.

A sweet and clean contemporary romance, readers will enjoy watching Grace and Seth discover more about themselves and what they are capable of while still falling in love. Both Grace and Seth are well defined and given dimension. Seth is rich, but his wealth is explained and is used as a tool in the book for growth and not just as attribute to make him ideal. Grace is both strong and weak, she matches Seth as he changes and doesn’t simply require only him to change. Her motivations are clear and unlike other romances, "Working It Out" doesn’t just stop at the engagement, but explores a bit further and continues to develop. Readers will enjoy this excellent romantic novel.

Sarah E Bradley