Work in Progress (Love’s Salvation)

Susan Jean

Luke and Mary are employees for the same company. Mary is the gorgeous office manager that everyone wants to go out with, and Luke is the well-built and hot construction worker who is uncoordinated and frequently falling over things. Luke is in love with Mary and is constantly watching and fantasizing about her. The other co-workers see the attraction between Luke and Mary. They are very jealous and trick Luke into signing up for the construction worker calendar. What Luke fails to realize is that Mary is having the same fantasies about him, and she’s hoping that Luke is interested in her and makes a move.

“Work in Progress” is a romantic comedy that will leave the reader wanting more. The reader will enjoy watching Luke and Mary getting to know one another as they both try to hide how they are feeling. Susan Jean Ricci has nailed human nature perfectly in “Work in Progress” as she portrays how Luke and Mary think they are not good enough for one another, something most readers will relate to. The author has created a very believable and realistic story line and characters that the reader will understand and associated with. Both are terribly hard on themselves and do not see the person that the other one sees in them. One will love Mary’s father who is in rehabilitation, and Luke’s sister as he tries to get past his clumsiness. The chemistry between Luke and Mary is extremely steamy, and one will love seeing them together. “Work in Progress” has no cliff-hangers, and has a delightfully happy conclusion!

Victoria Zumbrum