The Wonder of You (Pacific Vista Ranch Book 5)


The Three Musketeers, Olivia, Toby, and newly divorced Grant, have been best friends since junior high and nothing is going to change that. Deciding to spend a weekend away for New Year’s Eve, Grant and Olivia could never have expected that their midnight kiss would ignite a flame between them. When the two get snowed in while Toby is away, they cave to their carnal desires, but only for the weekend, because their paths are headed in two completely different directions soon. With Olivia planning to leave the country for a year and Grant working on finding a home base for stability in his life, these two best friends struggle to maintain their platonic friendship without Toby finding out, and potentially breaking up their tight knit group forever.

Readers will love this story of best friends coming to the realization that their paths may intersect as more than just friends. Claire Marti’s fifth book in the series is easily a standalone, although the others are just as intriguing. This friends-to-lovers romance brings to life personable characters and events that are completely realistic and believable. The sexual tension between Olivia and Grant is obvious from the first chapter. Towing the line between friends and lovers brings an added layer of drama and suspense to the story. The steady pace of their realization that they weren’t meant to be just friends will keep the pages turning. The intense heat brought on by this story is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts… and Kindles!

Marie Sanderson