Winter in Promise Cove (Promise Cove Book 4)

Casey Dawes

Fiona Lambert is learning how to live her own life after her husband of twenty years dumped her for a younger woman. That means it is time to change the way she lives and give up the ski-trips that she loves. It also means making drastic cuts in anything that keeps her from having to give up her life in Promise Cove. Enjoying one last ski-trip before things change leads her to Kevin Dixon, a handsome rancher and father who is struggling to regain his reputation after his ex-wife and former best friend spread false rumors about his behavior.  Kevin is desperate to prove he is a good man, and after meeting Fiona, he comes up with a plan involving a fake fiancée that he thinks will benefit them both.  Of course, nothing ever goes as planned when hearts are involved.    

This story has many reoccurring characters from other books in the series, which makes it a bit hard to follow at times, but not impossible. The premise is one that always seems to work for romance novels, and it does well here, except that it lacks a bit of realism that most stories of this type have. Close to the end when all the secrets and tricks come out, the supporting characters are very quick to forgive and forget the lies they were told. It doesn’t wind down to forgiveness in a realistic way, rather it rushes to the end and expects the reader to forget how worried Fiona and Kevin were about the reactions of those around them. Nevertheless, it’s a sweet love story and it’s worth a read, if for nothing other than being part of the joy of unexpected love.


Valerie Vicars