The Winter of My Love


When the woman he hired to carry his late wife's child goes missing, Spencer Grayson's life is turned upside down. He discovers that the wrong woman was inseminated and she becomes his focus. All he wanted was for things to run smoothly, but that's not going to happen. Winter Alexander has focused on art for most of her life, however, when she is accidentally inseminated, art takes a back seat — especially when Spencer is determined to protect her and get her through the pregnancy. Both become attracted to one another as the pregnancy develops and they must get past their own issues and challenges. Will they find their happily ever after together? Or will their relationship end once the child is born?

This is a very intriguing plot and the novel is well written. The pace is even and takes the reader on an emotional journey of loss, discovery and love. Spencer is a very methodical man, plans everything to the last detail, while Winter is artistic, creative, and lets her mind wander and go in the moment. As they are thrust together, there is a lot of tension, which is expressed well in the description. This is a very emotional story with two characters readers will come to enjoy and who will take them on a journey with many different challenges along the way. There are some points where the plot slows down, however it quickly picks up and the passionate love scenes are a joy to read. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick