Winter’s Magic

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Beth Sergeant grew up feeling like she never fit in at the upscale school her parents thought was best for her. But she is now an adult, she has her Masters degree in Business,and has worked hard to develop the most popular spa in Nashville. Her love life was on hold after the break up with her fiancé Troy who thought the spa was too “working class” for his future wife. Then Nick Chester walked into the spa and Beth couldn’t tear her eyes away from him.
Nick was there to buy a birthday gift for his ex-girlfriend, Lauren. Beth had gone to school with Lauren but their worlds were miles apart. Beth had never met Nick before, although her parents were friends of Nick’s grandfather, the wealthiest man in town. Now that she has met him, Beth must continually remind herself that Nick is way out of her league. When they meet again at a Christmas party, however, their attraction cannot be denied and a whirlwind romance begins. Not everyone is happy about this wild attraction.... will Troy and Lauren’s schemes keep them apart?
Cynthia Gail takes this story and gives it just the right touch of drama by adding Nick’s shallow ex- girlfriend and of course Beth’s controlling former fiancé. Their schemes are predictable but engaging and will still bring a gasp to the reader. The steamy attraction between Beth and Nick is deliciously described by the author in every exciting detail, keeping the reader enthralled to the end!
Rose Mary Espinoza