Wine Country King (California Suits #2)


While Campbell has clung to a secret crush on Jack since her brother brought him home during their ROTC years, Jack has always looked at Campbell’s family as his own, which includes her being something like his little sister. When Jack decides to put roots down and open a hotel with Campbell, his view of her suddenly changes and Campbell’s feelings haven’t diminished over the course of her years chasing the title Master Sommelier. The duo are passionate about achieving their dreams, but coming back together ignites passions neither one of them are prepared for. Jack and Campbell both worry that their feelings for each other could put their work on shaky ground, not to mention they have no idea how Campbell’s brother would feel about a relationship between them. But reason and logic tend to burn to ash when love gets involved.

Fine wine and hard emotions mixed with a scorching forced-proximity romance are sure to please the reader’s palate! Jack and Campbell are immediately relatable to readers through their dedication to achieve their dreams and their interactions with each other. This is slightly lost as the transition between them being resolved to resist their attraction and giving into that first taste is nonexistent. This combined with the childish way they sometimes handle their growing relationship may leave readers feeling frustrated. However, the story is filled with sweet moments and amazing details that sweep readers into a world that feels like a vacation. Jack’s immense love and respect for Campbell shines off the page as he often admires her talents and intelligence. All in all, “Wine Country King” is a swoon-worthy tale

Annalee Stilove