Wine & Children


Charlotte Paggo is wandering through California's wine country following her divorce, needing some time to herself to gather her thoughts. She meets Sam, a wine maker who has also been through a divorce and the two of them start to get to know one another better. Sam's sons make romance a little difficult and they are forced to make it up as they go along. When a catalogue of other problems rear their ugly heads, Charlie and Sam work together to see if they can make their unlikely romance work.

This book is one of those that are good for a rainy afternoon while curled up on the couch. Charlie is a fun character who has been through a lot and she needs to find herself again which may make her relatable to some readers. There are some issues with descriptions that feel a little jarring and bring the reader to a sudden halt; however, the book moves at a good pace with Sam and Charlie meeting almost immediately. The story is refreshing - there are not a lot of clichés and both characters have been through a lot and are under no illusions of a "lovey-dovey" romance which is a drastic change from a lot of other romances out there. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick