Wind Chime Wedding (A Wind Chime Novel Book 2)


MILITARY:  With mere weeks until her wedding, elementary school teacher Becca Haddaway discovers that her quaint school is the next on the state’s budget-cutting chopping block and is to be shut down. Determined to save the school that she and her mother taught in, she turns to former Navy Seal Collin Foley – son of Maryland’s residing governor. Joining forces the two discover that the closure plans for Heron Island Elementary School run deeper than simple government cutbacks when a personal vendetta is revealed. As the two begin to peel away the layers of deceit, Becca’s own fiancé comes into question. Through the turmoil, can Collin convince Becca to ditch her high school sweetheart and be his one and only? Or will Becca lose all she’s ever known and loved?


A beautifully written romance! Some readers will find that the moral fidelity and betrayal lines that are broached and eventually crossed to be off-putting, as the hero attempts to swoop in and steal another man’s woman; however as the story unfolds, readers will quickly reconsider their previous assumptions when the author introduces a worthy plot twist! They will also discover the author’s talent to blanket the novel with quaint, small town traditions, and vivid imagery. Broad strokes of colorful descriptiveness keep a reader both engaged and entertained. Additionally, one will find current and real-life struggles of returning veterans, which lends a sense of realism. Those looking for a sweet and endearing romance will find their next summer book within the pages of Ms. Moss’ latest novel. 


Stephanie Lodes