Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1)


Single mother Annie Malone and her daughter Taylor move to Heron Island to start a new life. Annie puts her savings into a building that will be her future French restaurant, hoping that the small town environment will help her daughter recover from the horrible tragedy that occurred at her school months before.  


Navy SEAL Will Dozier has returned to sell his deceased grandparents’ inn, and he plans on leaving as soon as possible. When he meets Annie, he craves the solace of a short-term fling in her arms to silence his own emotional demons from a mission gone wrong.  He’s not here to stay--his devotion to fighting terrorism as a SEAL leaves room for nothing else. However, Annie and her troubled daughter weave a spell on his heart, encouraging him to long to stay around much longer than he expected.


“Wind Chime Café” is a sweet and sensual contemporary romance with plenty of small town ambiance. The two lead characters easily win over the reader’s heart. Annie and Will’s emotional wounds make them sympathetic characters, even when their decisions aren’t always the best.  Their emotional connection feels believable, and the evolution of Will’s feelings about domesticity encompassing a growing fondness for young Taylor adds to the appeal of this romance.  A shortcoming of this enjoyable romance was the contrived nature of the conflict towards the end.  But overall,” Wind Chime Café” is a recommended, warm and cozy, modern contemporary romance. 


Danielle Hill