Wilde for You (The Wilde Sisters Book 3)


Sage Wilde is an uptight, go-getting, career woman. Luke Riley is a hard-chiseled firefighting hunk with a heart of gold. The two couldn't be more opposite!  When they meet in a false fire alarm, Luke falls for Sage hardcore and will relentlessly pursue her despite her continued efforts to spurn him. It would seem to everyone except Sage that beneath her many layers of protective stone and career ambition, her heart can be open to love. Sage will have to learn not all aspects of life can be planned in a neat and precise way, but will she figure it out before she loses Luke all together?

Most all the characters in this story are really loveable and fun.  Combine that with a plot that is well-paced and interesting, and it makes for a quick and easy read.  There are many plot turns which come as a surprise and drive the reader to want to know what will happen next especially as the plot reaches its climax.

However, unless the reader has firsthand experience with a character like Sage, her hard exterior (which is supposed to be a tough girl persona) really just comes off as just being prickly and unapproachable, even by her “closest” of family members.  The explanation for this comes at the end, but perhaps would have been better received in the beginning to make her a more relatable character.  All in all, readers won't be able to put Sage and Luke's story down until the very end!

Mary B Rose