The Wilde Card (Ace of Hearts)

Ashley R.

Simone Warner is a successful businesswoman, the CEO of a hotel chain, and recently divorced from a cheating ex. She’s also a mom with a very bright eight-year-old daughter. Yet, for Simone, it’s time for sweeping change. She resigns from her position to pursue her passion for tennis and strives to become an assistant coach. However, after a tennis match of her own, Simone gets far more than she bargains for when she meets Alex Wilde, a handsome younger man who sparks her interest and rekindles a passion she hasn’t felt in a long time. Can she walk away from the mind-bending one-night stand without regret? Or, will it come back to haunt her when she’s given her first assignment as a new tennis coach?

“The Wilde Card” by Author Ashley R. King holds a lot of promise. And a lot of steam. Opening with a sexy encounter never hurts. Then, coming back with the realization that your new tennis charge is the fellow who you left without so much as a goodbye, is a great set up for a sports-driven romantic comedy. Unfortunately, the book lost quite a bit of its luster with a slow middle section, and the predictability of the plot. The characters were entertaining in the beginning, but failed to develop any further as the story went on. The exception to this was the sweet relationship that developed between Alex and Simone’s daughter, Lola. This book does feature characters from the first story in the series, but can be read as a standalone. If tennis is your game, and romantic comedy your preferred genre, you will likely enjoy this book.

N.E. Kelley