The Wild One (Coorah Creek Book 2)


Four lives impacted by one mission… save the brumbies. Park Ranger Dan Mitchell is given a grim order to rid the park of invasive interlopers.  Wildlife photographer Rachel Quinn interrupts Dan’s assignment and sets out to save the brumbies.  Carrie Bryant’s confidence was broken by a tragic accident but she’s recruited to help Rachel’s cause because of her equestrian notoriety.  

Discovering a hidden truth, Carrie is sure Justin Fraser is just the man to help them save the equine and the park. As Dan is pulled to Rachel’s charm and Justin is sure he can help Carrie overcome her own fears, downtrodden souls are drawn together to triumph for brighter futures for themselves and the herd they persevere to help. 

This is an extremely well written, sweet, inspiring tale of tragedy and redemption, where love blooms and strangers become life-long friends.  Multiple protagonists make this a complex story due to the scope, but delivers nonetheless with pacing and details to keep readers engaged. While Dan and Rachel definitely maintain the forefront as the leading couple in this tale, Carrie and Justin are just as powerful. However, Carrie and Justin are not as firm in their characterization. An original contemporary work "The Wild One" will give children of the 80’s the warm fuzzies slightly reminiscent of “The Man from Snowy River” with a modern flair. A few typographical errors are noted but do not detract from the reader’s enjoyment.  Lovers of horses, the outback and cowboys will applaud this ambitious tale that brings a town together while healing wounded souls.

Roberta Gordon