Wild for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers)


After nearly losing his life in a Chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede four years ago, Chase Donovan has decided to race again. He is about to lose his beloved family ranch and needs the prize money desperately. It’s either racing or accepting a lucrative modeling contract, which will make him a laughingstock in the ranching and rodeo community. What’s a cowboy to do? Maybe he can model using only his body, not his face.  That way he won’t be mocked and no one will know it’s him.


Jenna Cordell left her home, and fiancé to pursue her passion....art. Entering the Western Art Show at this year's Calgary Stampede is a dream come true, but the entrance fee is something she can’t afford, especially with the gallery she works at closing for a week. Taking a chance on being hired as a temporary photographer, Jenna finds herself the shooting pictures of the man who dumped her four years ago, the man who still owns her heart. Can Chase trust her not to reveal his secret? Can the spark be rekindled and will Jenna being able to handle Chase racing again, when that is what caused them to ripped apart?


Ms. Morgan sure knows how to write about sexy cowboys! The characters in this rodeo ride, are complete fun, heart-beating hotness!  Even the side characters are a hoot! There are a few small editing issues that need to be addressed. There is also the issue of Chase and Jenna’s relationship.  It’s impossible to believe they would be sexing it up so soon, after all the turmoil in the past,  Overall, however, the characters are great and  the story is a bronc-busting ride with those sizzling, smoking hot cowboys!


Tonya Smalley