The Widow’s Window (The Wyoming Romances Book 3)


Widowed and alone, Madysen Collins has only her sprawling Wyoming ranch and cheese business to keep her occupied, until her nightly rounds checking on livestock, produces an unforeseen and shocking surprise! Ranch hand Antonio Marquez has been keeping a watchful, yet distant eye on his boss as she tirelessly exerts herself with herds of pungent goats and a tedious ranch business. Forcing back his growing feelings for his boss, he’s taken aback when Madysen suddenly turns the tables with not only her bold sexual advance, but the solution to their familial dilemmas. But will her plans bring them closer together, or drive their families apart?


Reader’s enjoying sexy, erotic, and naughty little pleasures will devour this heart- pumping read! Although third in the series, the character dynamics have not been compromised, allowing a reader to consume their guilty indulgence as a standalone. However, due to the swift pacing, some may find the reality of Madysen and Antonio’s relationship lacking in depth and meaning, instead focusing on steamy sex and a hasty marriage proposal as a resolution to their conflict. Although a brief display of sexual dominance could be jarring to some, it proves steamy moments nonetheless. Despite this, the author’s skill for writing enticing and lustful descriptions not only has one panting at the end of each encounter, but leaves one feeling the strength of Madysen’s sexual prowess with her repeated advancements towards Antonio. Readers in search of hot and steamy should look no further than Wyoming!!! 


Stephanie Lodes