Wicked: The Complete Series


Wicked is a compilation of four novellas about the bad boys of the rock band, “Wicked” finding and being tamed by their very own girls next door.

In “Tempt Me Not”, front man Devin Shaw is exiled to a remote cabin to focus on writing new music and ends up sharing it with Holly Baker who is vacationing alone because her best friend, Roxy, had to work.

“Leather and Lace” follows the exploits of lead guitarist Luke who is used to women lining up to share his bed. Roxy Carlisle’s lustful dreams of Luke come true on a trip to New York to meet the band. Roxy’s seduction plans are ruined when Holly convinces her to play hard-to-get to win him for more than one night.

Focused on bass player, Christian Palmer, “Jade Butterfly” is the best novella. Shy, sweet, boy-next-door Christian is an anomaly in rock music—a romantic waiting for Mrs. Right. When he meets photographer Jessi McClure, he’s certain she’s the girl of his dreams.

“Sweet Temptation” explores the connection between the embittered drummer Mick Sheppard and good girl/preacher’s daughter, Faith Weston, who gets drunk, then married in Vegas.


The heroines are smart, feisty, sweet, confident, relatable, and likable. Talented, sexy, womanizing, spoiled man-divas, the heroes are mostly unsympathetic and unlikeable.  Their views and treatment of all women are as interchangeable, disposable sluts, because it is so easy to get women to have sex with them. That said, Graison does a nice job of redeeming the heroes by each novella’s end. Readers interested in the rock n’ roll lifestyle who believe in the power of love to change the hearts of bad boys will love Wicked’s blend of humor, angst, and steamy romance!


Lacy Hill