Who Has the Heart?



Tania Eddingsaas tells the stories of three characters in this analogy. Rob Walker is a college senior playing basketball in Florida and hoping to be drafted to the NBA when he meets the petite Beth Lemond. Bridgett Lemond is only mentioned in the first analogy but takes center stage in the second as a young woman struggling for survival in Seattle until her first novel is accepted and made into a hit movie. In the third analogy, Duncan Adams, struggling actor in England, is discovered and handed the lead of Ambassador Victor Core in the afore mentioned hit movie, thrusting him to stardom.


Eddingsaas leads readers in not one, but four tales - when the movie story line is included, with the biggest conflicts being the staged war, the other boyfriend, the wasted and abusive boyfriend, and the manipulating director. Eddingsaas' characters seem to wander through their respective stories with little proactive intent, merely reacting to the day to day stimulus contrived by the author. Each story is told rather than shown with 'live' action. In spite of the poor grammar, occasional information dumps, point of view shifts, awkward sentence structure, head hopping, and poorly crafted time shift, this manuscript surprisingly holds the promise of good creations should more effort be given to the individual projects.


Erin Murdock