Whispers in Washington (Ticket to True Love)


Naomi is trying to start her life over again. Her ex-husband is a politician, in prison for embezzlement. Naomi and her daughters escaped from D.C. in order to get away from the media. Now she is back and determined to have a fresh start. Max is a reporter and cannot believe his luck when his new neighbor is Naomi, because he knows that her story would be worth enough for him to settle down and write his book. What he did not expect was that he would fall in love with her while trying to get her story. Naomi is surprised that she is able to trust another man so quickly. However, when Naomi finds out who Max really is, will their love be strong enough to survive? 

Looking for a quick, romantic afternoon read? This is it! Politics aside, this novella’s theme of trust is universally relatable. It is difficult to trust after one has been betrayed. The characters are nice but have cookie-cutter personalities. Naomi is quite frustrating in the beginning; she is rude and argumentative, but she definitely grows throughout the short book. Not only is the story short but the ending seems to wrap up very quickly and the ending is predictable. The most delightful aspect is that this is an #ownvoices story — it focuses on Jewish characters and even discusses some Jewish customs. Not to mention, the descriptions of food and diverse restaurants are hugely appetizing! Overall, this quick, romantic read will not only appeal to #ownvoices readers but romance readers everywhere. 

Amanda Hupe