Whispering Wishes


COMEDY:  Aspen’s best friend, Mischa, has always been more than a little quirky. So when she suggests Aspen should perform a ritual to make her wishes come true she’s not terribly surprised. She IS surprised that she actually goes through with it. Too bad that instead of having her every wish come true, Aspen is stuck with the opposite - everything that could possibly go wrong, does! Her job, her car, her home, her love life - all are suffering. And to top it all off she falls for the witness to each disaster, the incredibly sexy Wes. Can her life get any worse?! Yeah… Never ask that.


In this hilarious novel, “be careful what you wish for” is given a new spin and taken to the extreme! Aspen is, in many ways, reminiscent of the infamous and well-loved Stephanie Plum – their penchant for disasters is certainly unparalleled. However, this novel is missing a big-picture story to complete it; something to make Aspen’s shenanigans a by-product, not an end to themselves. The romance and the wishes have the potential but never quite get to fill that role. That lack sometimes leaves the story without a clear direction.


It has been stated that of all the qualities an author can have, the one that can be crucial because it can’t be manufactured or edited into existence, is their voice. There is no doubt that Jennifer Miller has developed a unique one, and readers can only look forward to her future works!


Mimi Smith