Where You Are (Turn It Up #4)


Melanie Krasinski returns home after a trip around the world to find that her brother’s rock band, Turn It Up, has become an international sensation. She reconnects with an old crush, Matt Conlin, the band’s bass guitarist, and their chemistry is off the charts! They want to see where things lead, hiding their burgeoning relationship from Melanie’s friends and family, but soon it’s obvious. They are falling hard for each other. Melanie and Matt start to envision a future together and Melanie quickly comes to care for Matt’s niece whom he often babysits.  But then, just as they are ready to reveal their love to the world, something happens … Will Melanie and Matt find the happily ever after they so desperately wanted?

Emotional plot twists are hidden inside this Brother’s Best Friend romance! Natalie Parker lulls the reader into prematurely planning for a HEA before blasting the canvas and starting anew. The reader is kept in the dark during the reboot, creating mystery and pent up tension. However, some momentum is lost in this interlude, before the picture is redrawn. “Where You Are” treats fans to the full range of romance, from euphoric can’t-get-enough erotic bliss to despairing heartbreak and disappointment. It also tackles heavy hitting issues suggestive of the #MeToo Movement, which is admirable, but may be triggering to some readers. Rest assured that the love between the main characters is not diminished by this. Definitely a steamy read for anyone looking for a rock star romance with a twist!

Joan Lai