When You Find Love


Holt Ridley is a successful California businessman who inherits his great-aunt’s lavish estate in The Hamptons. The place holds nothing but bad memories from when his mother worked there, and he stayed as a child. Now his stout refusal to take possession is met with legal ramifications, and he decides to dump it as fast as legally possible and run away from its haunting curse. First, he hires Scottish antique appraiser to come to NY, appraise and catalogue the estate’s fine pieces. For Caitlyn Petersen, the chance to travel from Scotland to New York and appraise the estate is a dream come true. It is steeped in rich history, priceless artifacts, and owned by a handsome west-coast businessman. 

What a clean, unique story filled with unusual and complex characters! Caitlyn is endearing with her innocent excitement to come to an exciting new job. She is the driving force in facing her formidable boss, Holt, making him face his demons and to finally—slowly—adjust his long-held beliefs. Strong threads of mystery wave parallel along their love story, addressing the Ridley family lineage, curses, and more. Serious drawbacks for this story include consistent head hopping between both primary and secondary characters, making it difficult to see who owns the scenes. Conflict should have been better defined, especially Caitlyn’s. And as Christmas draws near, both their plans seem to lack clarity. By now are they a couple or not? They seemed unsure. Beyond those drawbacks, this book is an enjoyable and fresh take on when one finds love at unlikely times and places.

Emerson Matthews