Whatever Love Means


Travis and Maggie find themselves married as teenagers with a baby. The strain is too much and Maggie walks out on Travis. Fifteen years later, Maggie is preparing for her fourth wedding. Travis is still single and Maggie’s go-to person whenever anything goes awry. As he helps Maggie, they snipe at one another. Everyone knows that Travis is still in love with Maggie, and she loves him, but both are too stubborn to admit it. They say they are civil to one another for the sake of their daughter, Carly. Travis decides to tell Maggie how he really feels before she makes the mistake of marrying Buddy. On his way to her house, he stops to pick some irises by the side of the road and is hit by a car. Maggie is told the news while she is at the church, waiting to wed Buddy. Without a word, she rushes out of the church to be with Travis as he fights for his life.

“Whatever Love Means” is a skillfully crafted story where the reader immediately knows what is best for Maggie and Travis, but the two of them do not make this discovery until much later. Maggie and Travis are well-written characters with a full range of emotions, but the secondary characters in the story are flat and undeveloped. Some are just names thrown in and mentioned once or twice. The reader knows all too soon who the thief is, instead of having something to mull over. With many twists and turns, this story will keep readers on their toes!

Belinda Wilson