What We Deserve - Wishbone Tattoos, Book 1


Escaping an abusive relationship and moving to Foxton-on-Sea for a fresh start, Emily is overjoyed when she's hired on sight as the new receptionist at Wishbone Tattoos. Still hurting from the vicious parting words of his ex-wife, tattoo artist Eli has managed to keep his heart safe by never letting another woman close enough to inflict damage. That is, until he meets Emily. Her infectious smile and sweet, caring personality draws him in like a moth to a flame. His sexy Cajun drawl and calm, protective nature makes her feel tingly and safe. Will they continue to deny the sparks everyone in the tattoo shop can see flying because of their hurtful past relationships? Or will they ink out a new existence they both deserve?

A breathtaking debut novel, with totally amazing characters tattooing a permanent stamp on readers’ hearts, "What We Deserve" is a romantic's thrilling, hot and sexy wish come true! The fully realized characters have quirks, flaws, and personalities that color the story with brilliant detail. The descriptive realistic perspectives given to the traumatic experiences of verbal abuse and the aftermath of gun violence are handled with sensitive compassion. The quick jump from an abusive relationship into another romance is a little worrisome; however it doesn’t distract from the storyline. Due to fantastic world building, readers might be tempted to Google Wishbone Tattoos to make an appointment to get inked, or just to gaze at the eye candy! The smoking hot love scenes are well, Smoking Hot! Readers won’t believe this outstanding contemporary romance is Lizzie Stanley's debut and will wonder where her vivid imagination and talented storytelling will take them next!

Tonya Mathenia