What Was I Thinking? (River’s Bend Trilogy, Book 3)


Jason Braden, Playboy King of River’s Bend, has clashed with Special Education teacher Lily since she moved to the area to take care of her niece. That is until they fly to Vegas for his sister’s secret wedding, where poor judgement and numerous shots lead to a one-nighter that sets the sheets on fire. Lily tries to pretend it never happened, but Jason can’t get over their one night together and turns down all of the willing women in town—leading people to wonder what is wrong with him. As Jason and Lily try to put aside their differences to see if their chemistry is the real deal or the result of too much liquor, outside elements try to cause problems between them, and fears are brought to the surface. Will Jason and Lily be able to build a relationship strong enough to survive, or will it crumble under the pressure?

A great story to finish off the trilogy. The relationship between Jason and Lily is both realistic and relatable, as many a reader will know the struggles of beginning a new relationship when outside factors make it difficult. Their chemistry is superbly written. The secondary characters are clearly the stars from the previous two books, which will bring added enjoyment to readers of the series, and the humor and relationship between the friends and siblings is highly entertaining. The only thing that seriously detracts from the story is the multitude of typos throughout. It would benefit greatly from a thorough proofread. Besides that, a thoroughly enjoyable story with characters any reader will love! 

Katy Nielsen