What a Texas Girl Dreams


Monica Witte's life is exactly on track. She has her competitions, her horse and whenever she wants she can go home and feel the love of her family. She even has this thing with Trickett Samuels, the local vet. But when Jinx, her beloved horse, gets injured she is forced to go back, and the walls just keep closing in. And that is mostly Trick's fault. She has no desire to be chained down, and yet she simply can't resist his overtures. Trick will have to do his best to get the beautiful (and stubborn) Texas girl to be his.

Monica makes for an interesting heroine - rarely do we see one who is so deeply embedded in the rodeo world. She is also extremely afraid of commitment, and willing to fight, and fight hard to stay unattached. And yet, she has a soft spot for Trick. In a way, seeing her come to terms with everything she's feeling is gratifying, although at times it  does feels somewhat contrived. Trick, on the other hand, has no such issue. He knows what he wants and does his best to get it. He is a good character, but unremarkable. In essence, that sums up the entire book - it's likable and flows nicely, but nothing really stands out to make it dazzling. It’s good, solid, enjoyable fun that makes for a pleasant rainy day read!


Ana Smith