What Janie Wants


Recent divorcee Janie McAlister needs some recuperation time, and a free vacation to a tropical paradise is exactly what her sister planned for her.  Planning to avoid the nudist beaches and relax by the poolside, Janie had no intentions of entanglements other than planning the next steps in her life.  Photographer Zade Painel shared the same intentions as Janie.  He wanted to rethink his life after regretfully selling his business and his Aunt and Uncle’s island was the perfect getaway.  A chance meeting after a fumble threw Janie into his path, but would his age keep them from making the journey together?

A sensual quick read, “What Janie Wants” will satisfy a lazy afternoon near the pool.   While not an original plot line, this contemporary, fantastical cougar tale could be viewed by some readers as a bit too steamy, thus a note to readers about explicit content.  The writing style and presentation are solid with little to no grammatical issues, however the plot line is lacking other than Janie coming out of her shell, overcoming age discrimination and having an out-of-this-world vacation.  Points are given for the creative avenue of Zane’s business endeavors; however, readers will have questions about the mystical elements surrounding the story that are not truly answered.  The current attention given to age differences between women and younger men is decidedly a social commentary that bears paying attention to and this author no doubt will be creating more works that inspire that conversation.  

Roberta Gordon