What if It’s You


Ava is twenty-nine, answers to no one and knows exactly what she likes. She really likes - or should we say loves - her best friend Danny. She also loves doughnuts and all things from the 90’s. The two have been besties since birth, even earlier since their mothers met while pregnant with them. They have always have done their own things, but they still rely on each other, much to the chagrin of their former and present significant others. Both of their extended families can see they are more than friends and have always been that way, but will the two finally get past the friend zone and see where their relationship can go?

Ms. McDonnell has created a hilarious tale about a zany gal obsessed with everything 90s who will make readers laugh out loud! The witty writing style bounces off every page, bringing constant smiles and chuckles. The chapter titles set each up nicely, building readers’ anticipation about what’s to come. The best-friends-to-lovers is a predictable storyline, but this book makes it so easy to like the trope. The secondary characters, especially the families of Ava and Danny are also very entertaining and add an additional layer of depth to the story.  Danny’s role as the MMA fighter and the details included in those scenes shows that this author knows the sport well. The main characters’ internal struggles of “I-shouldn’t-want-you-but-I-do” drag out a little, nevertheless, this tale is a fast, fun, laugh-out-loud read that is a perfect way to escape for an afternoon this summer. Definitely one to add to the must-read pile!

Viola Robbins