What the Heiress Wants (Billionaire Cowboys)


Connor Reeves is devoted to his Las Vegas newspaper business and is working hard to make it a success, as much to support his workers as for his own benefit.  He knows it’s a cutthroat world and rival newspaperman William Clayton is itching to take over his business.  Clayton’s daughter, Miranda, has longed for her father to give her a job at his Denver paper. When he blocks all of her options she disguises her identity and lands a position at Reeves Pub.  When the paper’s website is hacked Miranda and Connor work closely together to restore order, but find the lines of their own ordered relationship - boss and employee - becoming blurred as attraction sizzles between them. 

Kristina Knight has brought readers a deliciously up-to-date version of the traditional Mills and Boon romance.  Connor is everything the hero of a romantic novel should be and one can’t help being drawn to Miranda as she seeks to become her own person, away from her father’s controlling influence.  The development of the couple’s relationship is compelling as they try to juggle their professional and personal lives, and the author certainly has the ability to convey the attraction between them.  Some readers might find that the inevitable conflict when it comes is slightly weak; however, this is unlikely to detract from ones reading pleasure.  This is a sweet and steamy novel to be savored!

Heather Belleguelle