What the Gambler Risks


Sabrina Smith is a self-help author and soon to release her third book. Things are going her way; her current book tour to Atlantic City is winding down, and she's ready to head back home to Henderson, Nevada. Feeling restless, she heads to the casino. While playing at a table she meets a very handsome stranger and things take a direction that wasn't her intention - but she deserves to blow off some steam and let her hair down, especially when she's not recognized. After a one night stand (that is not her typical play) she’s headed home on the plane. Much to her surprise, Jase, the mystery man she saw hours earlier, sits next to her and lives in Las Vegas. 

“What a Gambler Risks” is an entertaining tale of two unlikely people hitting it off. As much as Sabrina tries to not get involved, the more the two seemed pulled together. Although the storyline is not unique (a mega-rich man and a female making a name for herself as an author), it has some great humor and relatable family issues. It is part of a series and other supporting characters might be better understood from reading the other books. It’s an entertaining read with some very steamy scenes, and also some sweet moments where these two see if they can make a relationship work. Ante up poker lovers! Readers will not put this one down until the last hand has been dealt! 

Viola Robins