Welcome, Reluctant Stranger


CROSS GENRE/POLITICAL DRAMA:  Leilani Torres grew up in Costa Mora and fleeing the country at the age of nine forever left its mark. The woman she had become was built upon the foundation of the child she had once been, and the child she was forced to become after leaving her father behind in a war torn country. 


Heartbroken Justin Halverson, does something stupid and pays the price, only to be saved by a mysterious, gun toting lady - none other than Leilani. Soon this exotic woman becomes a part of his family, welcomed by his sister Elise as a friend, and deposits her soul in his heart. Is he truly ready for love? Only time will tell. 


Secrets - they can bind people together or destroy them, and are the foundation in this story. Both Leilani and Justin have secrets that they harbour, building stumbling blocks for their relationship. However the author has created two characters that are truly compatible. The plot, which involves political intrigue and deception is interesting, yet may have suffered at times but the romance never falters. Destiny brings these two together for a reason, and fate seals their bond. The connection that Leilani finds with Elise is a beautiful testament to friendship forged from adversity. Two women in nontraditional careers find peace in each others challenges and provide mutual comfort. "Welcome, Reluctant Stranger" is a strong family oriented tale that isnt one hundred percent traditional family dynamics. Unique and diverse, from beginning to end!


Penelope Anne Bartotto