Weighting for Mr. Right

Patricia W.
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Have you ever had a day where you just realize life is not going the way you want it to? On the run from her wedding, Megan Sayla finds herself talking to a total stranger in a carwash bathroom. Did I mention that Megan is in the men’s room?  She meets a wonderful stranger who listens to all her problems and even gives her some very good advice. Yes, Jacob Dante has the looks of Adonis, with listening skills better than her best friend, and the tongue of an Angel, AND the looks of a Greek God.  Of course, Dante would never have thought to meet the woman of his dreams in the men's room.  Once he finds out she also speaks Italian, he is lost.

Megan’s journey to better herself, and Jacob's desire to convince Megan that she is a strong woman and, indeed, the woman for him is one that many readers will identify with.  All of us have feelings of insecurity from time to time, and Megan's story is heartfelt and real.  Just as in real life, Megan's progress is met with complications and selfishness from those around her, and the author handles this deftly.  It is a such a motivating story, well-written and smooth flowing, that the reader can't help but cheer for Jacob and Megan on their path to true love. There were a couple of hitches along the way, and a couple of areas that felt repetitive, but all in all a funny, sexy story of real love, between real people.

Melody Prat