As Weekends Go


Rebecca is overwhelmed with married life; her husband is more distant than he has ever been. She chalks it up to him being stressed with an upcoming work conference. Her friend Abi convinces her to go on all expense-paid holiday to Hawksley Manor Hotel in York.  Much to their surprise they end up spending the weekend with some of the rich and famous, and Rebecca catches the attention of well-known footballer Alex Heath. Meanwhile back home Rebecca's husband Greg finds himself back in acquaintance with an old girlfriend due to the work conference. He toys with the idea of having a relationship with both women. Will Alex win the affections of Rebecca after she finds out the true intentions of her husband?

The story had a very strong opening and beautiful setting; sadly, the book was disjointed with multiple storylines going on. The characters were all over the place. There was head hopping, so knowing which storyline or POV one was in got confusing. The pacing was off, in that the reader endures one weekend over hundreds of pages. The concept was not unique: a marriage on the rocks with a dirt-bag husband so the spouse is tempted elsewhere. The story did not keep the reader's interest. The author could fix a lot with this story by revamping the timeline and making the POV's more distinct. 

Jessica Samuelsen