The Wedding Proposal


Elle Jamieson and Lucas Rose are both looking for the same thing when they reach a sailboat in Malta - a relaxing summer. What they both find is their ex living on the same boat they have each been promised by a mutual friend/uncle. Although Simon really does have good intentions with respect to putting Elle and Lucas back together, he does not truly understand the pitfalls that the exes must face before they are able to fall back into each other’s arms. Working as a dive master, Lucas enjoys his job but finds it hard to concentrate on anything but Elle. As a volunteer at an educational center and a part time housekeeper on another yacht, Elle finds herself wrapped up in her kids but eventually gives in to her love for Lucas, which cannot be ignored.

“The Wedding Proposal” might be seen as a misleading title because Ms. Moorcroft does not explain the reason for the it until almost the end of the book. Finding a better fit and giving the reader a chance to understand, early on, would be a good way to make “The Wedding Proposal” a five-star read. Sue Moorcroft has a fascinating story that is unique and interesting. She has a fabulous way with words and knows how to intertwine characters that captures a reader’s heart and gives them an opportunity to fall in love with life, struggles, and heartache again and again. 


Mary-Nancy Smith