Wedding Belle Blues


Anna and Doug haven’t known each other for very long, but they’re getting married!  It’s everything Anna has ever dreamed it would be; at least she hopes it is.  Ever since they announced their engagement, it’s been a struggle, starting with Doug’s mother Louise.  She and Anna have locked horns over every detail of the wedding, and Anna fears she will completely take over!  And Doug isn’t being helpful - he’s catering to his mother at every turn.  Is this how their life together will be?  If her best boy-bud Robin wasn’t there to smooth things over and hold her hand, she would have fallen apart long ago.  She keeps questioning, is she really in love?  And Robin?  He’s her best friend, always there for her, but he could be so much more.  But he’s not interested in her, or is he?  She needs to talk to Doug and have him reassure her, but he’s mysteriously unavailable, and everything in Anna is screaming for her to get out, before it’s too late!  


“Wedding Belle Blues” is romantic thriller, as readers will agonize with Anna over what to do.  The characters of Anna, Doug and Robin are well-written, and have a great triangle going throughout.  The plot bogs down a little with Anna’s constant interior monologue over her romantic situation, but a twist in the end puts life in the story.  Readers will root for Anna to open her eyes, and choose the love that’s been there all along.


Victoria Z. Burg