Wedding Bands (River’s Sign B & B, #1)


This tale begins when High School ends for two young hearts madly in love. Jo Kendall is waiting at the agreed time and place for her boyfriend to show up so they can leave their small town to get married. Her love, Callum Archer never shows. Nothing to keep her here now, lost and heartbroken, Jo flees and does not look back. Until her favorite Uncle passes away and leaves his estate to her and her sister, Samantha. Jo wants to rehab the old place and start a bed and breakfast; Sam just wants cold hard cash and has hired a local attorney to see the sale through. Jo is taken aback when that attorney is her old flame, Callum. 


“Wedding Bands” is a great story about young love that does not get the opportunity to blossom and then a second chance is given. The plot drags in the middle a bit but sure makes up for it with the sub plot that peaks near the end. The characters are realistic and true to life today. Struggle with family and love…all readers can relate to those topics. Although this is a romance, it is clean and a breath of fresh air. The struggle between the sisters seemed awkward; it starts as major rift, and then seems to fizzle. This is the first installment in this series and lends to the strong characters and situations for a next book. It is well written and a quick read.


Julie Caicco