Way Too Deep (Love Overboard Series Book One)

Andrea K. Stein,
Sawyer Stone

Captain Lindsay Fisher has one more chance to redeem herself after losing multiple yachts to the ocean - a career-killing action in the tight community of her chosen profession. Celebrity Chef Alton Maura seeks redemption after being accused of poisoning his patrons, not once, but twice, allowing his cocky attitude to tank his career. Together the two will come together aboard the Bonnie Blue, both hoping to renew their careers, neither seeking love. Thrust together with a motley cast of characters from the spy wannabe to the vixen yacht-owner’s wife, the rap mogul to the Russian crew-mate, both must determine who they can trust as a mystery unveils on a fateful journey. 

A mystery on the sea - seven people trapped on a yacht, someone trying to kill them. Ms. Stein and Mr. Stone have created a mystery equal to a game of Clue, keeping the reader on their toes as to whodunit. Both Captain Fisher and Chef Maura have everything to lose if something goes wrong on the journey, and yet both become unwitting pawns in an intense drama. The authors know their stuff and utilize their knowledge to keep both yachting and cooking details realistic, though sometimes the amount of information bogs the story’s flow down. The story keeps going, however, and the action intense as the mystery unravels. The characters are a nice mix of personalities that make the story as strong as it is. A nice read to take on vacation, maybe on the high seas! 

Penelope Anne Bartotto