Watch Me Walk Away


First love – they say nobody forgets it. That is doubly true for Lisa. She never quite forgot Bobby, and even now, six years later, she is still haunted by him. But she is happy, her career is doing great, she is dating a nice guy, she has her friends. And then Bobby shows up, and all her illusions are shattered. He makes her forget it all, and no matter how hard she tries to convince herself otherwise, she knows she can’t resist him. And Bobby is more than ready to take advantage of that.

A plot line that is much used – lovers reunited - can still be done in an unusual and interesting way. Unfortunately, this book didn’t quite manage to pull it off. While the writing is awkward at times, the main fault lies within the characters. They are simply immature, and would fit better into a young adult setting. Even disregarding that, there’s the issue of Lisa. She is not only immature, but selfish as well. Her behavior toward most of the other characters is appalling at times. Especially the way she treats Brad, her best friend. Not to mention her boyfriend. True, he is not a great guy, but he still deserved to be treated better. Bobby is a much more likable character. He is manly, macho, but still not shy of admitting his feelings. All in all, "Watch Me Walk Away" is a book that would’ve made a far better read were it for more approachable characters, especially the heroine.


Ana Smith