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Serena Thomas hasn’t had the easiest time lately. Her Grandma, the only true family she had, died and left a lot of debts behind. She is working minimum wage jobs, desperately trying to stay ahead. And failing.

Do Opposites Attract?

"Do Opposites Attract?" The title hints to the major theme but effectively alludes to other issues - issues that very well could keep Dr. Mitch McBride and wealthy heir Brianna Worthington from achieving their happy ending.

Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota ~ Autumn
Rhonda Brutt, Kristy Johnson, Peg Peirson, Rachael Passan, Christopher Edmund, Diane Wiggert, Rose Marie Meuwissen,
Kathleen Nordstrom, Angeline Fortin, KT Alexander, Ann Nardone, Ingrid Anderson Sampo, Jill Revak, Jude Wiesner

ANTHOLOGY:  In the land of 10,000 lakes, romance is stirring from first kisses to marriage in this collection of short story romances. Each story varies from contemporary to paranormal with each story being set in a different town near a lake somewhere in Minnesota.

ADVENTURE:  Lesley Meryn has never quite fit in with those around her. Content with her life as a popular adventure-romance author and her friendship with the extremely sexy action movie star, Jason “Jax” Hambrey, Lesley has given up on finding more.

Feel My Love
Gail R

Two years after the death of her husband, Missy Colton moves her four boys home to Oklahoma to be near family.