Waking Savannah (Bitterly Suite #3)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Dr. Savannah Callowell has everything she needs in Bitterly, Connecticut. As far away from her home in Georgia as she could get, her farm provides her with everything her old life in Georgia could not: peace of mind, friends, and a new beginning.  The only thing remaining from her old life are her headaches.  When her farm foreman announces his retirement and suggests his son take his place, she isn't quite sure what to think. Adelmo has his own secrets, and he is much more than Savvy had bargained for.

"Waking Savannah" is an amazing story that takes an in-depth look at the main characters' survival of violence in their lives, as they find out who they really are when the world is stripped away. The haunting spirits of Bitterly are an integral part of the story, and create a suspenseful atmosphere as Savvy and Ade find out why and how the spirits are connected to the Bitterly town folks.  The plot is filled in throughout the story with all characters adding something to that experience.  The story can drag a bit in areas throughout the book taking away from that what the characters are building. Reading through to the end finally gets the answers as to how loved ones are always close, love can cure what ails a person, and love can be the roots to stop running from the past.

Laura Dinsdale