Waiting for You (A Salmon Run Novel Book 3)


Gabby Lopez is angry and frustrated when her car loan is declined. Unfortunately for Charles Anderssohn, the president of the first Federal Bank of Salmon Run, the last thing he wants is to antagonize Gabby when he’d much prefer to ask her out on a date. Luckily for Charles, a few more interactions with the striking single mom begins to change her mind. But with a campaign for mayor on the schedule and broken families between them, can a naïve rule abider, and scarred immigrant find love in a town that often sees their differences first?

A sweet romance, “Waiting for You” is the third book in the series and builds off the relationships established in the previous books. Charles and Gabby actually meet prior to the beginning of this story, and thus it begins with a bang and then the romance runs headfirst toward the end. As characters, Charles and Gabby are vivid and full of insecurities, self-doubt and guilt. As a couple, their romance is quick but jarring as their flaws are not really resolved so much as pushed past to achieve the happy ending. On the other hand, the conflict is focused mostly on a jerk with a lot of hate but shallow efforts, so that it is easily resolved and reader gets to enjoy the conclusion quickly. Between the cameo appearances of previous characters, and the tender relationship between Charles and Gabby readers will be glad they traveled to Salmon Run and will only be dismayed that there wasn’t more to read.

Sarah E Bradley