Waiting for Prince Harry 


Kylie Reed dreams of becoming a fashion designer and meeting a man just like Prince Harry, so when she accidentally bumps into Harrison Flynn, a Prince Harry lookalike, she can't believe her luck. Always afraid of confrontation, Kylie is fearful of just what this new relationship will bring. Worried about relationship self-sabotage, and whether Harrison can forgive her quirks, it takes putting herself in the limelight and embracing the risks their relationship will bring to overcome her fears. Will having her own Prince Harry truly be all she dreamed of in the end?


Harrison Flynn is an exquisite and dreamy hero among male characters.  Author Aven Ellis shows his flaws which makes him very real, yet also shows his tender and loving side, which allows him to be so incredibly alluring. He lives up to his prince-like qualities; not only earning Kylie's admiration but also that of the reader.  Kylie grows throughout this story, delivering honest and identifiable qualities, making her an undeniable draw. Together they easily convince the reader to believe in true love, soul mates and the idea that love can conquer all. A sweet, light-hearted romance, "Waiting for Prince Harry" is delightful from start to finish!


Lauren Taylor