Vital Deceit (A Boys of Summer Book #1)


Ellie Dubois is in hiding. With Jane, a Witness Protection agent, as a roommate and best friend, Ellie thinks that maybe after four years she can try to live her life to the fullest. When she randomly runs into baseball star Demetrio Donati and romance sparks, Jane convinces Ellie to take those first few steps. 


Rio didn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams on the snowy street, and despite her hesitancy, he’s prepared to convince her she can trust him with her heart. However, Ellie is in hiding for a reason; when her ex is released from prison, Rio is going to discover it might not be her heart he should have been worried about.


A sweet romance, Ellie and Rio are a cute couple. They click quickly, and the romance builds at a good rate for this short read. Their friends Jane and Kaleb provide excellent support and balance to the two starry-eyed lovers, as well as help move the story along. Ellie’s ex is appropriately psychotic and her fear of him is justified. However, the story is never particularly deep and the conflict is resolved rather quickly, making this a good novel to include in your romance pile but not one that will take all night to read. Lovers of clean romance should definitely consider this one, and hopefully Kaleb will get his own book next!


Sarah E Bradley