Visual Effects

Joyce M.

Drey Winston starts a new job which she's hoping will challenge her. However, it turns out that the challenge will be resisting her boss! Jesse Devlin is relentless in his pursuit of Drey. The longer they work together, the more they find it harder to fight their feelings for one another. Jesse doesn't usually do feelings - he's more a one night stand type of guy. Can he cure his wild ways and make Drey realise that they'll be good together? Will Drey continue to fight her feelings for Jesse and keep the wall she has up around her feelings, never letting them free?

This book gets right into the story, taking the reader straight in with no waiting. Drey's character is introduced immediately and is very likable. She is strong and looking forward to the challenge the new job will bring, if she's successful in the interview. As the book progresses, Jesse goes from handsome guy trying to get the girl to almost harassing Drey. This could irritate readers and may go as far as to put them off continuing with the book. The descriptions, setting and style are well written. The story flows at a decent rate and the author is very promising. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick